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No Print Polyethylene Garment Bag

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Protect your clothing with our inexpensive 1 mil roll bags that are double the gauge of dry cleaner bags. Many sizes and colors in stock.

No Print Polyethylene
Garment Bags
Transparent Clear White Opaque, Black Opaque and other selected colors
ITEM# SIZE 1 Roll 6 Rolls 1 Roll 6 Rolls
PB40 21x4x40
(315 bags per roll)
$66.00 $61.00 $72.00 $67.00
PB54 21x4x54
(233 bags per roll)
$66.00 $61.00 $72.00 $67.00
PB72 21x4x72
(175 bags per roll)
$66.00 $61.00 $72.00 $67.00
  • Clear, Black, White, Grey